If you're into resumés, I got a present for you.

About This Site

This website is created using Jekyll, Sass, Haml and a few extra extensions for Jekyll. The source code to most of the website is on Github. You might find a few icons from the Font Awesome project here as well.

About Jacky

I'm a software engineer that's been programming since 2010, recreationally since 2009, but that doesn't matter. I take an interest into learning more about methodologies of software engineering which in turn led to me picking up quite a few languages to play with different quirks and styles (and indenting, jeez, the indenting).


Although I never do mind a face-to-face chat, I'm most comfortable when sending e-mail to & fro. An address of contact is hello@jalcine.me. I look forward to hearing from you (even more awesome if it has a nice present!).