Jacky Alciné  — My slice of the */64 space

Hey, that's Jacky


I'm Jacky. I live in Brooklyn, New York and from République d'Haïti, although I was born on American soil. I spend too much time in front of my laptop when I'm either at home or at a space where I can use it (which tends to be almost anywhere).


My dad gave me a book on C++ programming back in 2006. I read it over that summer and kept tinkering with little text games on a Windows XP machine. From there, I learned about Ubuntu in 2009 and kept using it since then. Check out my Github account.


Oh God. So when I said I took pictures, I meant it. But they tend to not have people in them. They're kind of hard to take pictures of. I'm working on it though. I put my pictures where most photographers tend to, on Flickr. Don't laugh.

This Site

This site's a mash of Markdown, HTML, Sass and JavaScript. To many, this can equate to a evolving ball of hell or a perfect symphony of art. I don't know, you can check over at its source code tree on Github.