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Introducing CMake for Vim

226 words written on 26 September 2013 tagged under

Earlier today, I patched up the code-base for cmake.vim and pushed out version 0.1.9 to the world and on Vim.org. This plug-in hits home since I use CMake a lot for Wintermute and KDE project building.

What Can It Do?

Right now, function is quite minimal. The documentation goes over to its minimal detail as to what it can do. For one, this helps when just trying to get things up and running with CMake projects.

What’s Planned?

Well, next steps for this is to move the raw system call to make and call :make instead so that we can get the functionality of :cwindow into the mix. Also, I’m still hacking at it to pull information about flags and what not to expose to other plug-ins like Syntastic and YouCompleteMe.

Another is to expand its form and allow it to build specific targets though this can be easily done once makeprg is set to the correct paths, also providing automatic command-line completion. Wham!

Snippets are something we could all use for CMake but I won’t be adding them to this project. Instead, I strongly recommend adding vim-snippets to your plug-ins and using what they provide.

That said, please enjoy said plug-in and feel free to fork, rant, and patch to your heart’s content!